Uitleg en inspiratie

Als je meer wilt weten over RTT, trauma en veerkracht

dr bessel van der kolk
part 1

dr bessel van der kolk
part 2

dr bessel van der kolk
part 3

The power of vulnerability

Empathy versus sympathy

the power of the subconscious mind

Every kid needs a champion

The opportunity of adversity

HEAL trailer
(hele film op Netflix)

Wat is jouw hechtingsstijl?

Nooit meer twijfelen over je relatie

The power of believing you can improve

How to get through hard times

Petra Nemcavo on surviving tsunami

The three secrets of resilient people

The power of

The prison of
your mind

The lens through wich you see the world

How our birth shapes our life

75-year-long study of adult life